A bit of a catch up

Hey there, must apologise for the long time no post. A lot's been happening, and my net access has been very limited, so here's a quick catch up, to be followed by posts on individual events later.

For a start, I finally have a flat of my own! Its located south of the river in London Bridge, about 3 minutes walk from Tower Bridge, 10 minutes walk from the trendy areas of London Bridge and Borough, 20 minutes walk to work, and 30 minutes by bus or tube from anywhere I'd want to go. So instead of wasting all my time flat hunting, I'll be able to have more fun. I'll e-mail an address and post more details later, just as soon as BT works out how to connect a phone line...

I've been to a few concerts, lots of museums and galleries, and frequented more pubs than I can remember. Again, more to come later. Unfortunately, I haven't had the time to escape to Europe yet, but there have been several day-trips out to the countryside, like Winchester and Oxford.

The one big weekend away I have had was this one just passed when I went to... Glasgow! Yep, left London doing it's best to ignore the car bombs, only to end up at the centre of all. Luckily I choose to take the train :-) Not that I was up there to enjoy the cultural highlights or outstanding scenary (yes, its as grim looking as the reputation, but the people are friendlier), I was attending a Linux conference and letting my inner geek run wild. Very strange to meet in the flesh people you've know for years only by their net nickname.

We've just had Glastonbury and are in the middle of Wimbledon (neither of which I was able to get tickets to), so you can guess what the weathers like. After the warmest April ever, we're now on track to have the wettest June ever. So it's mostly indoors activies for now.

Times flying, must go home and nuke dinner :-)