Airline report on SAS (Scandanavian)

Decidedly average, comfortable enough, but nothing special. Ugh, was given a middle seat, I HATE middle seats, give me aisle every time. Please? Overnight run from New York to Copenhagen, left 6pm local, flight time 7 hours, arrived 7am local. Oh, and I must be good, cause both bags weighed exactly 22.8kg. Gee, what could I have brought at Maceys for that extra 0.4kg? :-)

Liked: Video channel showing outside camera view in front of the plane, very freaky to watch at take-off and landing. Clever seat-back design incorporating a separate fold-down cup holder, fold out vanity mirror, and spectacles holder for while you're sleeping. Lots of fresh hot bread rolls.

Disliked: Seat back video not video on demand. No choice of meals. Stingy with the soft drinks. Alcohol costing money (not that I drink, just makes the jetlag worse). Treating us like theives about to steal their crummy headsets. Serving the meal late and not turning the lights down soon enough, meaning there was only a 3 hour sleep window instead of the 4 they could have had. Loosing my (and 2 dozen other passengers) bags for an hour.