The Americas Cup: Value for Money?

If any of you Kiwi's are wondering if all those millions our government is pumping into the Americas Cup challenge is worth it, consider this. In the 2 weeks I was traveling from NZ through the USA, Denmark and now in the UK, there have been only 2 reasons New Zealand has made the local news: the Cricket World Cup and the Americas Cup. In the USA, the cricket was a one line mention of NZ making the semi's (in the UK obviously rather more coverage of that fiasco), but the Americas Cup pulled 2 major stories in the New York Times and their syndicates while I was there, that is 3/4 page articles in the sports section, one solely on the NZ team, the second on how virtually every other team is dominated by Kiwi's. These were stories alongside the NBA play-offs and other major items, and were the sole time NZ even impinges on the American consciousness. Compare that to here in the UK where the local rugby and league competitions have reasonable full-page coverage alongside the soccer, but Super 14 and NRL doesn't even rate a mention in the results listings, and you soon realise that perhaps that investment is a bargain for the coverage we're getting.